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Keyboost is primarily useful for business leaders who want their website to rank higher in the Google search results for the most important keywords. But soon – faster than we anticipated – we discovered that another target group was particularly interested in Keyboost, namely colleagues/competitors, other SEO companies who use Keyboost to improve the ranking of their clients’ websites.


SEO companies that have become clients use Keyboost as a “white label”: they manage the accounts of their clients, receive invoices and reports and invoice their clients. Often, Keyboost is just one component of a total SEO and SEA service package that these SEO companies offer their customers: optimisation of content, help with improving conversion, SEA, social media strategy and the like.


Are you an SEO specialist and do you want to use Keyboost as a white label to get your clients’ websites to rank higher in Google? There are only advantages to this:

This means that you do need to have the necessary knowledge of SEO and backlinking. Therefore, the reseller programme is only open to companies with a VAT number active in the field of web design, search engine optimisation and/or marketing.


Your benefits:


Fill out the form below or contact us for more info – tel. +44 3308 084797 – or click here to request a free trial.






Testimonial by a white label reseller:

One of our SEO colleagues was kind enough to do an interview, but of course without revealing his identity, for obvious reasons.


How did you discover Keyboost?

“After years of working in SEO, I came across about Keyboost by chance. Of course, I was sceptical at first, but after a few emails, I called them. It turns out, there is a very professional team behind Keyboost, they know what they are doing. They are really good.

I have tried Keyboost, first with a free test, and kept a close eye on it, so that I understand how it works in general terms, without knowing all the details. And I don’t have to, as far as I’m concerned.”


Do you use Keyboost as the only tool to get websites to rank higher in Google?

“No, Keyboost only covers one aspect of SEO. The most important thing is optimised content, and I take care of that myself. Keyboost is a great (part) tool for backlinks, but it is certainly not the only thing you have available as an SEO specialist.

I never bet on one horse. Make sure you spread things out, because you know as well as I do: Google decides. You never know what will happen with the next update.

After setting up shop in my bedroom, within a year I moved to an office building. Because Keyboost works, I have been able to grow my business and that is only because my customers are happy. Has Keyboost had a positive influence on this? Yes, you can say that, once again, as an SEO expert you know exactly what you need and Keyboost is really an addition to your toolset. I offer my clients a total SEO service package, Keyboost is just one part of it. And my business continues to grow, these days I even provide SEO training.”


Google is (currently) omnipotent. What if Keyboost would no longer work in the future?

“If Keyboost would no longer work, … uhm. You know, I think within a few weeks to months, this company will have retraced the new algorithm. And is doing everything they can to keep their customers happy.

I manage several Keyboost accounts myself, but you have to know exactly how the system works and not just ‘do something’. For example, a much too large account for a site, giving it too much power. In that case, always inform yourself.


If it no longer works?

I sometimes say jokingly: if Google wants us to have 100 Facebook pages per company tomorrow, then we should just do that. Then there will definitely be support from Keyboost for such a process.”


What do you think of the service you get from Keyboost as a white label reseller?

“I enjoy working with the team. Secretly, it may have become a piece of family from a distance. Brainstorming about the latest Google news, yeah right… Having doubts?

Are you an entrepreneur? Yes, sometimes it is simply true: when in doubt, DO IT! A Keyboost test is free per domain name, so what do you have to lose?


You do realise that a testimonial without your name or the name of your company, is of little or no value?

(laughs) “In the SEO world, it is often the case that Google is supreme. Anyone who thinks differently, for example that Google is just a commercial company that is only interested in useful search results in order to strategically arrange their paid advertisements and other services around them, will quickly get blowback from others. No SEO specialist wants his name or company name attached to such a testimonial. But if you have any doubts, just give your details to the people at Keyboost. They will pass them on to me and after a bit of research I might contact you myself. That can also be an interesting lead for me for a cooperation.”


Are you also an SEO specialist and would you like to use Keyboost as a service for your customers? Please fill out the form below or contact us for more information – tel. +44 3308 084797 – or click here to request a free trial.





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