Become an Ambassador

Becoming a Keyboost ambassador? Nothing but benefits!


If you introduce a client, acquaintance or business relation of yours to Keyboost and they become a paying customer:

You receive 10% of the invoice amount (excl. VAT) as soon as the customer you referred has paid his or her invoice. This amount is deducted from your own invoice if you have one or more Keyboost accounts. Is it higher than what you have to pay monthly? Then we will transfer the balance (> € 50) on your request to your IBAN bank account.

In addition, as long as there is a paying customer in your ambassador account, you will receive a 10% discount on your own Keyboost account(s).


Register as an ambassador via the online registration form below.


We will provide a code to put behind a link to a Keyboost web page – format: ?rid=012345678. Send the link to your client or business partner (e.g. from the Keyboost homepage, or from the online request form for the free trial), with the code you received at the end of the url.

For example: ->


When your client or business partner goes to the Keyboost website through that custom link, it will be registered that you introduced him or her. It does not matter if this happens immediately or several months later, thanks to the coded link we will always know that this user belongs to your ambassador account.


If he or she requests a free Keyboost test or becomes a Keyboost customer, you will enjoy the benefits described above.

Please complete the ambassador registration form below or contact us for more information: or call us at: +44 3308 084797

The conditions of the ambassador programme can be found here.