Become Affiliate

As ambassador: 


– you posted a review/testimonial on our Google Business or Facebook page; 

– You get 10% discount on your next order; 

– You can use your unique ambassador code to refer clients, acquaintances or business contacts to Keyboost; 

– New Keyboost clients that you referred, will be added to your ambassador account; 

– you get a 10% commission on the paid invoices (excl. VAT) of the clients in your ambassador account; 

– you get a 10% discount on your own Keyboost account(s) as long as there is a paying customer in your ambassador account. 


Click here for more info and to sign up as a Keyboost ambassador. 



As a white label reseller: 


– You are an SEO specialist; 

– You use Keyboost to boost your own clients’ websites in Google; 

– You control the budget of your clients’ Keyboost campaigns; 

– You get a 20% discount on those campaigns. 


Click here for more info and to sign up as a Keyboost reseller. 

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