We were, of course, hesitant to try using Keyboost but decided to try the free trial and it worked!! We went from 18th position to 6th which was impressive and now we will try again with 16 more keywords.So far so good. They clearly know what they are doing. Will come back in a few months and report again on hopefully a successful campaign.


Excellent performance the keyword boost has given me the results on some of the highest competition keywords.


Good work, seriousness and good follow-up.


Keyboost works very well. Very soon after the start we reached position 5 in Google.


Excellent results for our website. Ranked high in google. Highly recommended.


We were septical, but we notice that our site chouettefairepart.com is positioned at the 13th position instead of the 17th, for 'faire-par mariage original'. Beautiful performance by Keyboost.


My site is ranking higher in an incredible way, well done!


Very good experience! We got a very fast result, passing for a competitive keyword from 3° to 2° page.
Thank you, team Keyboost!


I tested KEYBOOST and it gave an excellent result for my tourism in India website during the free trial period, my website was well placed in google. TOP.


I'm testing Keyboost Français on a keyword.
Just to see...
Well, now I see!
On a competitive keyword, 9900 exact searches per month, I moved from position 72 to position 18 in just over a month!!
I'm waiting to see what it will look like after 3 months, but I have to admit that, for the moment, it's pretty impressive, their service.


We have tested the free offer to boost our website for our activity in the magic show Kiko and Eva Magic Events.
Bravo, that worked fine, we ask for a quote to be able to continue. Thank you.


I tested the Keyboost offer for our site which sells food supplements and we are really arrived on the first page for liver cleansing! Congratulations to Keyboost.


I tested Keyboost's free offer to boost our gite rental site in Guadeloupe (our site is, I think, quite commercial, but it is true that it is useless to have an excellent product if nobody sees it...).
We passed in a few days from 54th place to 12th place, and customers coming directly via our site contacted us, which was rare before.
Everyone has a job to do:
We take very good care of our gites, our holiday guests...
Keyboost is also doing a great job of letting you know!!


In the market of delivering meals at home (even if we do not deliver our gastronomic dishes anywhere in France ), competition is very strong! Ipower has succeeded in raising our site http://www.etoiledesgourmets.com to the first page of Google, among the very first, in this very competitive sector. I recommend it!


I was very skeptical at first, I tested on a very popular keyword here, knowing that we are 300 in the region for the same offer. From position 32, we went up to the 7th position very quickly, so on the 1st page. The principle, that I do not know, is very effective indeed, bravo and thank you for this help.


Very responsive, we have checked it and the service remains very good.


From a place on the 2nd page in Google to the 1st page in 1 week time. I wonder what Keyboost can achieve over a longer period of time.


Offer tested on a very competitive keyword and in less than 1 week it worked !! Really effective!


Very well, my site took a better position and my sales were boosted.


The work done by Keyboost SEO people has dramatically increased the ranking of my site in Google. The system is very effective!


I tested the offer of Keyboost for one keyword, our website is now in first position. I would recommend it to everyone, it's a good job. Lionel transport


I had the trial period at Keyboost and for the most searched keyword in our industry our website went within a few business days from page 3 in Google to the 3rd place on page 1! Can not say anything else but that it worked. Nice to be able to test it for free.


More than surprising that we made it to the top in Google within 1 week while we did not manage that ourselves, despite much attention and time.


Completely surprised with this neat advance, from 9 to 4 within a few days! Nice trial that we probably will be doing something with in the future! Thanks!


Recentely tested and surely adopted.


Immediate effect, Keyboost made my site appear on the second page in Google search results, for a new keyword determinant for its frequency. Very effective.


Keyboost really works!!


Keyboost has boosted our site www.lingeriebestellen.com in Google. From position 24 to position 4. Therefore I got significantly more order the last few week. I’m very pleased and recommend Keyboost to entrepreneurs.


In only 8 days my site has gained 2 positions in one of the searches done by Google. Thanks for your help @keralaforever


Thanks. I just started to use Keyboost. I can’t wait to see the result!


I have never really trusted it, but this time I was willing to give it a try.
The trial for a month appealed to me because it allowed me to check if it really worked.
Yes, it does work, I climbed to about the 5th position. Highly recommended!


I’ve tested the Keyboost system and my site is now on the first page and it definitely makes a difference!!


Keyboost arranged that in 3 weeks time I went from a 5th to a 4th position and today to a 3th position in Google for 'secondhand fitness equipment’.
I’m quite satisfied with that. Highly recommended.


I’ve had the opportunity to use the services of Keyboost. In a short periode I’ve managed to reach a top position. Team Keyboost, thanks a lot!


In one week in second place in Google! That is promising for the coming period...


I'm totally happy with the results of Keyboost by iPower. I went from the 14th page to the first page in google! Really recommended! Awesome!


Voor onze website hebben we een gratis keyword boost gedaan, het resultaat is geweldig. Niet alleen zijn we met ons belangrijkste keyword gestegen van de 8ste plek naar de 1ste plek in Google, ook is het terug te merken in de omzet via de website. Petje af voor hen, in het nieuwe jaar ga ik kijken voor een verdere samenwerking met hen!


Binnen een maand van positie 44 naar 14 met een van mijn keywoorden; op korte termijn werkt het in ieder geval! Benieuwd wat het nog meer gaat brengen in 2019.


In 2017 hebben we een gratis trial gehad en dit heeft ons een paar weken op de eerste pagina van Google gezet. Nu 2 jaar later staan we helaas weer op pagina 5 van google. De website is veel minder goed vindbaar merken we aan het aantal aanvragen die we de laatste tijd krijgen. Het zou dus erg welkom zijn om nog eens zo'n gratis boost te krijgen en een offerte.


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